2024-05-02 | Release Notes

Pricing updates, new tables for Blitz (Blast Protocol), lending tables for crosschain, updated nft_sales tables for multiple chains, and now for LiveQuery an increased response size and data limit.


Here's what's new at Flipside: Your biweekly roundup of data updates and new releases.

This week we released a major upgrade to our pricing data pipelines that enhances our data for most blockchains. This upgrade adds +15,000 tokens to our pricing tables and fills in historical prices. Read more about this special product release here.

The pricing data upgrade require actions for all users. See the special release notes for more details.

In addition to the pricing data upgrade we’ve got new curated tables across lots of different blockchains.

Check out these updates and the rest of the release notes below.

New Table:

A new table to integrate blast into our crosschain database.

  • blast.stats.ez_core_metrics_hourly

New Table:

5 new tables that pull data from the Blitz API and on-chain data.

  • ez_account_stats

  • ez_market_depth_stats

  • ez_market_stats

  • ez_staking_actions

  • ez_edge_trades

Crosschain (Data Studio Only)

New Table:

6 new lending tables to help with crosschain analysis.

  • lending.ez_lending_borrows

  • lending.ez_lending_deposits

  • lending.ez_lending_flashloans

  • lending.ez_lending_liquidations

  • lending.ez_lending_repayments

  • lending.ez_lending_withdraws

Updated Table:

We’ve remodeled Rarible data and updated the data so that all edge cases for Rarible trades are now included.

  • nft.ez_nft_sales

New Tables:

Two new tables to track all NFT transfers and all NFT sales actions on the main Near marketplaces.

  • nft.fact_nft_transfers

  • core.ez_nft_sales

Plus a new table records all native token and NEP-141 token transfers.

  • core.ez_token_transfers

New Table:

A new dim_idls table is added to track IDL decoding. It includes information on the IDL program, status for historical decoding, whether the submission was valid, and more. This new table provides greater observability into our decoding process. Users can now easily see what programs are being decoded, if events have been historically decoded, and whether a submission to request an IDL for decoding was valid.

  • core.dim_idls

Updated Table:

Updates to nft.fact_nft_sales now make it easier to analyze compressed NFT sales on the Tensor marketplace, which has the largest volume of cNFTs. The table now includes relevant columns for compressed NFTs, including columns for merkle_tree, leaf_index and tree_authority. Tensorswap has been added as the first platform for cNFT sales.

  • nft.fact_nft_sales

Product Updates


LiveQuery now has an increased response size and data limit.

Useful Resources

Request a smart contract ABI to be decoded: https://science.flipsidecrypto.xyz/abi-requestor/

Request a Solana IDL to be decoded: https://science.flipsidecrypto.xyz/idl-requestor

Add labels: https://science.flipsidecrypto.xyz/add-a-label

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