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Flipside has integrated TaxBit to make it easier for users to report their earnings.

Users of Flipside Earn that participate in programs including but not limited to Top 8, Top 30, Quests, Ambassadors, and Direct-to-Analyst requests are required to provide information required to generate a W9 or W8.

Learn more about these forms on the IRS website:

Users of Flipside Earn will be able to continue to earn rewards but will not be able to claim rewards that put their yearly claims over $600 USD value without completing the required form.

Information collected in this form is stored by TaxBit.

Flipside does not store this information.

Verify Tax Status

Visit Flipside Earn and navigate to the Tax Summary card to complete this process.

Once information is verified with the IRS via TaxBit, the status will change to verified and the user can continue to claim rewards at will.

If information is invalid or the user wishes to assign the earnings to a different legal entity, the user may resubmit using the Edit Tax Info button.

1099-MISC forms will be made available to Flipside Earn users in early 2024.

Taxes for Teams

As of November 2023, Flipside Earn supports one legal entity per Flipside user.

Earnings associated with a Team will be assigned to the legal entity of the team’s owner.

If you have a complicated tax situation and need support, please reach out via this form.

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