Flipside Quests are a gamified onchain experience designed to encourage users to explore, learn, and engage with various blockchain ecosystems while earning rewards. By participating in quests, users can improve their onchain scores, which in turn increases their potential earnings. Flipside Quests are tailored for crypto users who are eager to deepen their knowledge of blockchain technologies and earn rewards. The ideal users are crypto enthusiasts who are curious, motivated to learn, and keen on earning crypto rewards.


  • Multi-Chain Quests: Users can participate in quests across different blockchain ecosystems such as Near, Aptos, Avalanche, Flow, Solana, and Axelar. More chains will be added over time.

  • Onchain Scores: Your wallets will each have their own respective score for each chain we support. From 0-15, based on your onchain actions, a score will be assigned to you that represents your engagement level for that chain.

  • Reward Tiers: Each quest offers varying rewards based on the user's onchain score. For example, a user with a score of 0-3 might earn $1 per quest, while a user with a score of 5+ could earn $5 for the same quest.

  • Claim Limits: Each quest has a limited number of claims, which are distributed across different score buckets. For instance, the 0-3 score bucket might have a different claim limit compared to the 7+ score bucket.

  • Wallet Management: Users need to connect their web3 wallets to participate in quests. Flipside supports wallets for the respective chains where quests are available. Flipside will associate each connected wallet to your core Flipside account.

  • Rewards Center: Users can claim their earned rewards from the Rewards Center. Rewards are usually paid out in the native token of the chain the quest was completed. In some cases, rewards are paid out in USDC.

Example User Journey

  1. Discover: A user visits the Flipside website and navigates to the Earn page.

  2. Explore: The user browses through available quests and selects one of interest.

  3. Login/Signup: Upon entering the quest, the user is prompted to login or sign up for a Flipside account.

  4. Connect Wallet: The user connects their web3 wallet compatible with the selected quest chain. The connected wallet is used to calculate your onchain score (and earning potential) and verify quest completions.

  5. Start Quest: The user begins the quest by following the outlined steps, such as transferring crypto or performing swaps.

  6. Complete Actions: Flipside verifies the user’s onchain actions to confirm completion of the quest.

  7. Claim Reward: Upon successful verification, the user can claim their reward from the Reward Center.

Technical Requirements

  • Device: Any device with an internet connection.

  • Crypto Wallet: A compatible web3 wallet for the chain the quest is completed on.

Supported Chains

  • Near

  • Aptos

  • Avalanche

  • Flow

  • Solana

  • Axelar

Rewards System

  • Rewards Center: Accessible via the top navigation bar, the Reward Center displays pending and historical rewards.

  • Reward Types: Rewards are typically paid out in the native token of the completed quest's chain or sometimes in USDC.

  • Reward Calculation: Rewards can be a flat amount (e.g., 0.2 AVAX) or a percentage of the amount used, capped at a maximum value.

User Support

Additional Information

  • Continuous Updates: Flipside regularly adds new quests and supports more blockchain ecosystems to keep the user experience engaging and dynamic.

  • For further details and the latest updates, users are encouraged to check the official Flipside docs and Earn page.

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