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Everything you need to get started in our community.

Welcome to the Flipside Crypto community! In addition to offering some of the most reliable and comprehensive blockchain data, Flipside Crypto provides community spaces and tools to help you work and learn alongside other analysts and web3 experts.

This page will help you get started in our community.

TL;DR: Want to get started in our community quickly? Simply follow these steps.

  1. Join us on Discord.

  2. Sign up for your Flipside Data Studio account.

  3. Introduce yourself in Discord and show off your work. All done!

1. Join us on Discord.

Discord is the best place to get the newest updates on bounties, Flipside announcements, educational content, and to connect with your fellow analysts. Our Discord members are some of the first to know about new opportunities to earn and learn.

Once you've joined us on Discord, make sure to check out these channels.

  • Help-FAQ channel for support and questions.

  • Start-Here channel for info on how to get involved in the community.

2. Sign up for your Flipside Data Studio account.

Flipside Data Studio lets you analyze blockchain data, visualize it, and share dashboards instantly. It's ideal for data exploration, analytical storytelling, and comprehensive dashboard-building. It's one of the main tools our community members use to share data, earn, and learn.

Click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of our website to create your account. If you need step by step help creating an account and getting started in Data Studio, check out our app documentation.

2a. If you want enterprise data, sign up for your Flipside Pro free trial.

For those who need a more robust option, Flipside offers a professional web3 intelligence toolkit for everyone from protocol builders to enterprises looking to break into Web3. We’ve got everything you need to get informed and get ahead.

3. Introduce yourself in Discord and show off your work!

Take a minute and introduce yourself within our Discord community. It's a great way to meet Flipside's official Community Team and your fellow analysts.

Here are some channels you can use to start chatting.

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