For protocols and developers who build consumer applications to schedule, cache, and call fast query results.

👷 Maximize the benefits of the Builder plan with these features

Stay on top of your data with effortless automation

In the "Data Export" modal, select the refresh frequency for your query and access the latest result programmatically via the JSON endpoint.

Work in private until you're ready to Share!

In the "Share Settings" modal, define who has access to your work - queries or dashboards!

Seamlessly switch between the "Free" and "Builder" warehouse

From the top nav, select the warehouse you want to use. Change this whenever you want and as many times as you'd like.

Easily track your usage

From the top nav, you can see your current usage at all times.

In your "Plan" page, you can find your query history log. This log provides a comprehensive view of your executed queries, including details such as when and where they were executed, along with the duration of execution.

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