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Do you need one-on-one support with a member of Flipside?

Notice something weird while building queries or dashboards? Maybe you’re having trouble with a quest or claiming rewards. Getting help is easy and quick. Follow these steps below to get help fast from the Flipside team!

Can't log a ticket? Getting a 'That email doesn't look quite right' error message? You need to update your email address.

Please note that we’re not set up to help with troubleshooting queries. For help understanding the data or writing queries see our docs or reach out to the Discord community!

Step 1: Log into the Flipside App

Click here to login to the Flipside app.

Don’t have a Flipside login? Signing up is easy and free. Click here to create an account.

Step 2: Click the Purple Launcher

Once you’re logged in you’ll find the Purple Launcher in the bottom left corner.

Once clicked you’ll see options to create a ticket and see other updates from the Flipside team.

Step 3: Click the Ticket Type that Relates to your Issue

There are 7 different ticket types to choose from.

Ticket TypeDescription

Data Studio Issue

Notice something wrong with the query editor or while building a dashboard? Let us know! Don’t forget to share a screenshot.

Flipside Data Issue

Something seems odd about the data in the tables? You see a transaction in the block explorer but not in our tables, or spot other missing values, or you expected a much higher or lower value than the result you got. You’ve checked out our table documentation, data freshness targets, and troubleshooted your SQL – and something is still not quite right with the data tables. Reach out. Don’t forget to share a link to your SQL query that helped you discover this issue.

Earn, Quest or Claiming Rewards Issue

You can’t finish a quest. Your completed quest doesn’t get verified. You tried to claim your top dashboard earnings or other rewards and something did not work. You ran into a bug verifying your tax info. Use this ticket type to let us know what’s going on.

API or SDK Issue

You’re deep in the code and your API call keeps returning an error or maybe your API key isn’t working. Or you are using the Flipside SDK and experience an issue not described in our SDK docs.

LiveQuery Issue

Use this ticket type if you are having trouble with LiveQuery: a plugin isn’t working or authenticating, a query should return results from an external API but doesn’t, or something else isn’t right.

Billing or Subscription Issue

You signed up for Builder or Pro and you need help with changing your credit card or your bill seems off.

Feature or Data Request

Got an idea to make things more awesome? Give us a shout!

Step 4: Complete the Ticket Form

Each ticket type has a different set of questions that helps our team resolve your issue as quickly as possible. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for our team to resolve your issue. Here is an example of the Flipside Data Issue Ticket.

Once the ticket is submitted you’ll see a green checkmark. Feel free to check back by clicking the Purple Launcher. You’ll see the ticket you submitted at the top of the page, along with any updates from our team. You can also add more details by ‘Writing a reply’ in the ticket.

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