Protecting your right to transparency in web3 with onchain data

At Flipside, we believe access to onchain data in web3 is a public good, because transparency can't exist without human-readable data.

That's why you can always query the entire Flipside database with SQL in your Studio for free.

To get started, simply create a free account here.

Earn and Educate

The more analysts create dashboards to help keep the industry informed, the better off we all are together. To that end, we also offer many ways to earn for sharing the insights you find.

Programs like Top Dashboards, Direct-to-Analyst Comissions, and more can help you build your portfolio and your bags 💰

See Earn with Flipside to learn more.


If you need more powerful compute, faster speeds, and other features designed to help you profit with the data, try Flipside Pro.

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