2024-03-05 | Release Notes

Blast data now available! Plus new tables for Aptos and Axelar, and an updated `ethereum.nft.ez_nft_sales` table that now includes Art Blocks and Magic Eden among the available NFT platforms.

New Tables:

core.fact_token_transfers, core.dim_contracts, core.ez_native_transfers, core.ez_token_transfers

Gain access to essential data on native and Ethereum transfers, as well as token transactions. Additionally, dive into a dimensional table for contract creations.

Price Tables:

price.fact_hourly_token_prices, price.ez_hourly_token_prices, price.dim_asset_metadata, price.ez_asset_metadata

Comprehensive price data sourced from Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

New Tables:

fact_nft_sales, ez_nft_sales

Delve into Aptos NFT sales data with these newly added tables.

New Tables:

axelscan.fact_gmp, axelscan.fact_transfers

Explore data retrieved directly from the Axelscan API.

Updated Data


Added support for Art Blocks in the EZ NFT Sales table. Now filterable with platform_name = 'art blocks', including all collections and collaboration projects listed on the Art Blocks website.

Added Magic Eden in the EZ NFT Sales table. Now filterable with platform_name = 'magic eden'.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to our data offerings!

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