Top Dashboard Guidelines

These guidelines enable Flipside community analytics to be a source of truth for best blockchain data insights. They also help us fairly reward valuable analytical contributions. We hope they inspire you to make your best contributions to this space!

Dashboards that do not follow our Community Analytics Guidelines can be disqualified from participating in Earn rewards at the team’s discretion without notice.

Repeated and/or severe violations of these guidelines will also disqualify a user from earning analytics rewards in the future.

1. Accuracy

  • Put in your best effort to create accurate analytics.

  • Compare your results with other trusted data sources.

  • Understand and resolve discrepancies.

  • Stay open to feedback on your methodology.

  • Incorporate feedback to make your analysis more rigorous.

  • When unsure about methodology, leverage the collective mind of our Discord community. Bring your work there to ask questions and request feedback.

  • Be the source of truth for the metrics you build.

2. Relevance

  • Contribute to current web3 public discourse with topical and in-demand data insights.

3. Use of Flipside data and tooling

  • Use Flipside data tables and other Flipside data products in your dashboard to a meaningful extent.

4. Building on the work of others & giving credit

  • You can leverage others’ past work as your starting point when you find it helpful.

  • Build on others’ analysis by adding meaningful original contributions.

  • Do not simply copy someone else's work without giving them credit or adding your own value.

  • When you fork, copy, or get inspired by someone's work in part or in full, always mention the original analyst and provide the link to their original query and/or dashboard.

  • Link to the original author and their original work in two places: in your query and in your dashboard.

  • Clearly describe what parts of the analysis are borrowed and what parts you created or added yourself.

  • Follow the citation guide put together by our community.

  • See a dashboard that copies others' analysis without giving credit to the source and without adding one’s own value and ideas? Let us know here.

5. Genuine engagement

  • Share your analysis with a genuine, human audience that is interested in your insights.

  • Avoid purchasing or otherwise encouraging inorganic impressions.

  • Do not use duplicate or sybil accounts on Flipside, X (formerly Twitter), or other platforms to attempt to gain an unfair advantage in our Earn program.

  • See a dashboard or post that benefits from non-genuine engagement? Let us know here.

6. Professionalism

  • Remain professional and respectful in all analytics you build, all content you create, and all public and private communication with our community and team members.


Is your dashboard trending on X but not showing up on our leaderboard? This is a technical error that occasionally happens. Let us know here.

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