2024-05-30 | Release Notes

Four new core EVM tables to support Sei v2 parallelized EVM upgrade.


This week we launched new Sei tables and data supporting the Sei v2 upgrade. Check out the data in our Data Studio and learn more about the new tables in our documentation.

Reminder: As part of our pricing data upgrade we recently released new tables and new table columns. If you use pricing data in your analytics, please be sure to update your queries and dashboards by June 3rd. Learn more about the pricing upgrade and actions you need to take here.

Check out these updates and the rest of the release notes below.

New Table:

Four new core EVM tables to support the Sei v2 parallelized EVM upgrade. These tables follow our standard format for EVM data tables, and allow analysts to query the EVM specific data that is not available on the cosmos/ibc side of the chain.

  • core_evm.fact_blocks

  • core_evm.fact_event_logs

  • core_evm.fact_traces

  • core_evm.fact_transactions

Useful Resources

Request a smart contract ABI to be decoded: https://science.flipsidecrypto.xyz/abi-requestor/

Request a Solana IDL to be decoded: https://science.flipsidecrypto.xyz/idl-requestor

Add labels: https://science.flipsidecrypto.xyz/add-a-label

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