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Learn how to earn points to win more money


Your primary goal is to amass the maximum points by the game's conclusion to earn a substantial share of the prize pool. Points are gained through completing activities like borrowing, swapping, and staking.

Earning Points

1. Bridging Capital

The primary method to earn points is by bridging tokens into NEAR. Only the transactions that use the Rainbow Bridge and tokens from the allowlist are eligible. For every second you keep your tokens bridged in, you earn points based on the USD value of those tokens at the time you bridged them. When you unbridge tokens, you no longer earn points for those tokens.

Find the supported token addresses here. Bridging unsupported tokens will not earn points.

ETH (contract address = aurora) is supported starting on June 26, 2024 12pm ET.

If you attempt to "cycle" assets you will be banned.

2. Multiplier Quests

Multipliers can be applied to your base points to help you earn points faster! You can earn multipliers by completing Multiplier Quests. New Multiplier Quests will drop throughout the game.

Tip: This is crucial for increasing your points, especially if the amount of capital you can bridge is limited. These multipliers can significantly boost your score.

Building Your Multiplier Deck

When you complete the actions in a Multiplier Quest, you’ll receive a new multiplier to add your deck. Each multiplier can only be used once.

Multipliers can vary significantly. Some may offer a modest increase in points, while others can provide a significant surge, propelling you ahead of competitors. The multiplier value can depend on a number of factors:

  • The amount of capital you have committed to the on-chain action

  • Your current rank in the game

  • And of course a bit of luck

Tactical Considerations: Players must decide whether to pursue additional multipliers or rely on their existing deck, weighing the potential benefits against the risk of diluting their deck with low-value multipliers.

Drawing from Your Deck

To start utilizing your deck, you must first collect at least one multiplier. Each day, you can draw one multiplier at random from your deck to apply to your points per second earnings. A drawn multiplier is only active for 24 hours before it starts to decay.

This means:

  • Daily Draws: You must return each day to draw a new multiplier to ensure you have a full power multiplier, as your drawn multiplier will decay after 24 hours.

  • Strategic Decisions: Deciding when to complete quests and how to manage your deck composition becomes a critical part of your strategy.

Quest Strategy

Quest instructions are intentionally vague. These quests require you to use your skills, curiosity, and understanding of the ecosystem to complete.

3. Inviting Friends

Expand your influence and earning potential by inviting friends to join Grail. When you enroll in the Grail game you will receive a special invite link to share with others.

  • Bonus Points: Earn 2% of the base points (excluding multipliers or additional invite bonuses) that your friends accumulate. Base points are earned for bridging capital into the ecosystem and completing Multiplier Quests. Base points exclude points someone earns from inviting others.

To qualify for invite points, you must maintain your balance of bridged capital for the duration of the game. Bridging in, inviting a friend, and bridging out will disqualify you from earning invite rewards.

Tips & Strategy

  • Capital Management: Keep your tokens bridged as long as possible to maximize continuous point accumulation.

  • Deck Strategy: Complete Multiplier Quests to earn multipliers to apply to your points.

  • Community Engagement: Regularly invite friends to join the game to boost your passive point earnings.

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