2024-05-01 | Improvements to Pricing Data

We've overhauled our pricing data pipeline, are bringing you two new pricing tables and refreshing our historical pricing data

Actions are required for all users. See bellow for details.

Exciting times at Flipside as we turbocharge our pricing data offerings! Some actions are needed. Here's what's new:

  • Pricing data on more tokens: We’ve expanded our token coverage to include pricing data from CoinGecko for more than 15,000 tokens. You read that right > FIFTEEN THOUSAND tokens 🤯

  • Pricing data optimization: We've switched from daily to hourly updates of all token prices! Plus, we've added native token pricing alongside our existing wrapped token pricing and enriched our database with pricing data dating back to 2018. We’ve got improved coverage on all fronts.

  • Refreshing our tables: We're cleaning house by phasing out older pricing tables and introducing more efficient versions.

These updates ensure that Flipside remains your go-to source for precise and comprehensive blockchain data analytics.

Required Actions and Next Steps

In order to prepare for this update there are some actions you need to complete based on the products you use. Click the link below for each product to learn how this change might impact you.

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