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Find insights & query inspiration with community boards

More than 60,000 analysts have published over 100,000 dashboards covering 26 protocols so far.

If you're looking for onchain insights, chances are you can find a board on the topic you're interested in! Maybe it contains the insights you're looking for, or maybe you can fork one of its queries to help you get started on your own dashboard.

Either way, the process is easy!

1. Visit the Discover page

Head to or click the "discover more" button from the home page.

(You'll see trending dashboards from the home page, and can filter by chain, but you'll be able to search all dashboards from the Discover page.)

2. Search for any topic

Keyword search will find any topic represented in one of more than 100k dashboards.

Using the drop-downs on the right side of the page, you can also filter by protocol, date, popularity, or even by boards you've liked previously.

3. Enjoy your insights!

Tip: Click a chart's title to see the query you can use to get the same data!

You've just taken the first step of DYOR. Endless trends await! Keep reading to learn how to navigate the Flipside database and use the SQL editor to query it.

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