✨Top 8✨ Dashboard Rewards

This program has been adjusted to Top 30 for November 2023.

Top 8 is Flipside's dashboard rewards program. Please note: this program is in Beta testing, and is subject to change! Read the announcement for more details.

TLDR; make dashboards in our app, publish and promote them, and if your dashboard spends time in the Top 8 (the first eight spots on our homepage) you get paid.

Here's how it works:

The trending dashboard rankings on our homepage are based on:

👍 likes on our website 📈 social media engagement and shares across various platforms 👀 views/website engagement 🌐 shares across the web 🤫 other factors

Basically, If you make a dashboard that resonates with people, it has a chance to rise to the Top 8 trending dashboards on the site. When that happens we keep track of it, and every Wednesday, we tally up time-spent in the Top 8 per dashboard, and dole out the rewards accordingly.

Rewards are currently pegged at: $1 for every hour your board is in the Top 8.

Flipside staff will reach out to winners directly. Please feel free to reach out in Discord if you have any questions.

We will continue to evolve this program over time — to keep up with the latest developments, or if you're looking for more ways to earn, level up, or build a following, follow us on Twitter: @flipsidecrypto.

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