Osmosis Tables

[Legacy Documentation, Not Maintained, For Reference Only]

Background of Osmosis

Blockchain: Osmosis

Osmosis is a proof-of-stake IBC blockchain with a decentralized exchange application enabling users to provide liquidity, swap, and stake tokens from across the Cosmos ecosystem. The Osmosis Frontier application, which is a full permissionless listing and curation of bridged ETH and CW20 assets, exists alongside the main Osmosis application.

The native token of Osmosis, Osmo, is used for governance and paying transaction fees for actions performed on the DEX. There are a few points that make Osmosis a unique DEX:

  • Self-Governing Liquidity Pools: In Osmosis, the LP shares are used to calculate the fractional ownership of a LP, as well as the right to participate in the strategic decision making of the LP via governance. To incentivize long-term liquidity commitment, shares must be locked up for an extended period. Longer-term commitments are awarded by additional voting power and additional liquidity mining revenue.

  • Superfluid Staking: A method of staking the OSMO tokens that underlie your LP positions to earn additional rewards. Superfluid staking is at time of writing only available on certain OSMO pools on Osmosis.

  • MEV Resistance: Osmosis was conceived with the goal of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) resistance at its core and includes several unique solutions to help limit MEV.

Current Osmosis Tables

The Osmosis tables are built on Osmosis transaction and messages information.

Fact Blocks

Fact Daily Balances

Fact Governance Proposal Deposits

Fact Governance Submit Proposal

Fact Governance Votes

Dim Labels

Dim Liquidity Pools

Fact Liquidity Provider Actions

Fact Msg Attributes

Fact Msgs

Dim Prices

Fact Staking Rewards

Fact Staking

Fact Superfluid Staking

Fact Swaps

Dim Tokens

Fact Transactions

Fact Transfers

Fact Validators

Dim Vote Options

EZ Prices


What we have:

  • All on-chain Osmosis events dating back to the genesis block in June 2021.

  • Labels for all available tokens and liquidity pools on the Osmosis app and Osmosis validators.

What we don't have:

  • Data related to pool APY, as this is not available on chain.

  • Some labels & decimals for LP tokens and low market cap tokens.

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