Data Studio (SQL Analysts)

Unlock the power of blockchain data with Flipside Studio, no matter your SQL expertise! Whether you're a seasoned analyst or just starting out, choose the path that best aligns with your goals:

The app has a few basic components, here's how they fit together:

  • Discover β€”Β the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in crypto data. Here you can see what dashboards are trending for different chains and projects, fav ones you like, keyword search for specific topics, and see which analysts are consistently topping the charts.

  • My Work β€” where the work lives: get here by clicking on the folder icon in the side nav. Keyword search to open any work you've done in the past. Group files by creating collections and nesting collections. Organize by using features like multi-select and drag & drop.

  • Query EditorΒ β€” where the work happens: get here by navigating to the Studio in the top nav. Run SQL queries, get results, visualize them, and publish them on a dashboard, all from one place in the app. Seamlessly switch between any of your queries and dashboards with our tabs system, and use the Data Explorer to preview data tables, and add table names directly to your queries.

  • Dashboard EditorΒ β€” where you share your findings with the world: add charts, results tables, text and images to your dashboards, send them to your friends with our copy link feature, or tweet the link directly from the dashboard. Organize your findings with dashboard tabs, and let people customize or update your dashboard with parameters.

  • Profiles β€”Β your profile is the place where people can find all your best work, search and filter it, and see how to get get in touch with you if that's something you want! Update your avatar and background image, and add social contact details for Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

We're adding more documentation for the app over time β€” if you have questions or suggestions for things to add, please let us know in Discord.

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