Connect & Query any Data Source, from Nodes to your Favorite APIs

Live Query Add-Ons allow you to securely associate secrets, such as API keys, with your Flipside Account so that you can execute and share queries without revealing your private credentials.

Node Provider AddOns

In order to execute EVM functions you must associate a node provider with your Flipside Account.

Flipside currently supports the following Node AddOns (follow the guides below to get setup):

⛓️QuickNode Setup Guide

Note if you publish a dashboard that contains LiveQuery-powered queries users that refresh your dashboard will trigger queries against the Add-ons you have integrated.

API Partner Add-Ons

Flipside has partnered with the leading API providers to bring the best data in crypto together under one queryable platform.

You must create an account with each partner that you'd like to access data from and install the addon in the Flipside Marketplace to run these examples.

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