Teams Accounts

Build, iterate, and riff with your team in real-time.

Benefits of Team accounts

  • Bring your team together: Invite your collaborators to a shared workspace, where you can access all of your shared queries and dashboards in one place.

  • Collaborate in real-time: Save time with real-time collaboration and transparent workflows. See who’s currently working on a query or dashboard, and riff live.

  • Get Credit for your work: Build your brand and reputation with attribution. See your name on all the dashboards you've contributed to, even if it's published by the team.

  • Transfer work across contexts: Copy any query and dashboard from one workspace to another.

  • Context Switching: Keep your personal work separate from your team's and easily switch between different workspaces.

  • API & LiveQuery: Continue to use the API and LiveQuery as a team.

Create a Team Account

  1. Navigate to the "Account" dropdown in the top right corner of the page. In the dropdown menu, you'll find the option to "Create Team Account".

  2. Fill in the form with your Team name, Flipside profile link, team website URL, and Twitter handle. Click "Create Team" to land in the Team's Profile. This is the home base to invite teammates and find published dashboards.

  3. Add Team Members via their Flipside username or their email. Assign them a role and hang tight!

  4. To accept an invite, refresh the page to find invites in the "Account" dropdown. Once accepted, it's time to collaborate!

Real-time Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with your teammates on the same query or dashboard.

  • See who is currently working on a query or dashboard and what they are doing by following their cursors.

  • Multiple analysts can work on the same query and dashboard together. For example, two analysts on the same query can simultaneously write CTEs. Or, two analysts can work on different tabs of a dashboard.

Get credit for your work!

Regardless of what workspace you're working in, get credit for the hard work you put in. A dashboard published by a team will list individual team members who worked on the particular dashboard.

Transfer work across workspaces

When a query or dashboard is transferred, a copy of it is made in the selected workspace and all members of that workspace will now get access to that query or dashboard.

When a dashboard is transferred, all underlying queries of that dashboard will be transferred to the selected workspace as well to ensure the dashboard runs as expected.

To transfer a dashboard or query to another workspace, click on the overflow menu (⋅⋅⋅) and select "Copy to Workspace". Then in the modal, select the workspace you'd like to transfer to.

Context Switching

Easily switch between your personal workspace and your team's workspace by selecting the workspace you want to work in. Navigate to the "Account" dropdown to select your workspace.

API & Live Query

  • API: Teams can continue to use the Flipside API. The team owner and admins can manage team keys and payment settings while all contributors can use the API.

  • Live Query: To use Live Query in a team workspace, all members of the team must input keys and credentials. The same applies to key and credentials stored in the Secrets Manager.

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