Write/fork your first query

Gather the data you need using SQL

From your Studio, you have access to the data on all 26+ protocols supported on Flipside using SQL.

To get started, open a new query in your Studio (an easy way to do this is to visit the url https://flipside.new).

Preview tables

To understand exactly what data is included in a table before you query it, click "Preview":

This will populate a sample of the table for you instantly in your Studio.

Add to query

To auto-populate the name of the table in your query, you can use the double-arrow "Add to query" button:

Now you understand how to navigate the database and find the tables that contain the data you need, so you're ready to start writing your own SQL queries and generating onchain insights.

But what if you're still not sure what to query?

Fork a query

Analysts have produced hundreds or thousands of community dashboards on every supported protocol, so you've got plenty to take inspiration from!

You can fork a query from any public dashboard you like. Here's how:

Find a dashboard

From the Discover page, choose any dashboard you find interesting.

Click a chart title

Choose a visualization you'd like to replicate, and click its title. For example, let's click on "SOL volume in period":

Fork the query

Clicking a chart title in a public dashboard will show you the query and resulting table the author used to create it. That can often give you the ideas you need for your own query.

But if you want to use or edit the same query, you can just click "Fork" in the top right corner, which will auto-populate the same query and visualization settings in your studio:

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