Your first API call in < 2 min

Your API key to the most comprehensive blockchain data in crypto for analysts, developers, and data scientists.

Run your first query in under 2 minutes

1. πŸ”‘ Get Your Key

Go to the Flipside Data Studio and click "API" to generate your API key. Every account comes with 5000 free query seconds per month.

2. πŸ›  Pick Your SDK and Install It

pip install flipside

3. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈExecute your First Query

from flipside import Flipside

# Initialize `Flipside` with your API Key and API Url
flipside = Flipside("<YOUR_API_KEY>", "")

sql = """
  date_trunc('hour', block_timestamp) as hour,
  count(distinct tx_hash) as tx_count
FROM ethereum.core.fact_transactions 
WHERE block_timestamp >= GETDATE() - interval'7 days'

# Run the query against Flipside's query engine and await the results
query_result_set = flipside.query(sql)

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