Run Your First Query

This tutorial assumes you have already signed up for a Flipside Account and generated an API key here in Flipside's Data Studio.

1. Install the SDK (or skip to #2 if using the API directly)

pip install flipside

Python 3.7 and above, is required to use flipside

2. Execute your Query

from flipside import Flipside

# Initialize `Flipside` with your API Key and API Url
flipside = Flipside("<YOUR_API_KEY>", "")

sql = """
  date_trunc('hour', block_timestamp) as hour,
  count(distinct tx_hash) as tx_count
FROM ethereum.core.fact_transactions 
WHERE block_timestamp >= GETDATE() - interval'7 days'

# Run the query against Flipside's query engine and await the results
query_result_set = flipside.query(sql)

3. Paginate over the Results

# what page are we starting on?
current_page_number = 1

# How many records do we want to return in the page?
page_size = 100

# set total pages to 1 higher than the `current_page_number` until
# we receive the total pages from `get_query_results` given the 
# provided `page_size` (total_pages is dynamically determined by the API 
# based on the `page_size` you provide)
total_pages = 2

# we'll store all the page results in `all_rows`
all_rows = []

while current_page_number <= total_pages:
  results = flipside.get_query_results(

  total_pages =
  if results.records:
      all_rows = all_rows + results.records
  current_page_number += 1

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