Query Seconds

Query Seconds represent computational time against Flipside's data warehouse, canonically referred to as a DataSource. Every QueryRun has the following life cycle.

A query run that is in the state QUERY_STATE_READY has been queued for execution. Once it begins execution it transitions to QUERY_STATE_RUNNING. From here it can transition to a number of states. If the query executes against the data source successfully it will transition to QUERY_STATE_STREAMING_RESULTS and begin downloading the query results for you to export.

If the query failed for any reason (syntax error, warehouse issue, etc.) the query will transition to a state of QUERY_STATE_FAILED. If the user decides to explicitly cancel the query the query run will be terminated and its state will transition to QUERY_STATE_CANCELED. Finally, if the QueryRun finishes downloading its results from the data source it will transition to QUERY_STATE_SUCCESS .

Given the above life-cycle for a QueryRun, let's walk thru a real example to determine how you might be billed for a query. Here is a query we're going to execute to find the address associated with an ENS domain.

FROM ethereum.core.fact_event_logs
  contract_address = lower('0x283af0b28c62c092c9727f1ee09c02ca627eb7f5')
  AND event_inputs:name = lower('{ens_domain}')
  AND event_name = 'NameRegistered'
  AND block_timestamp >= GETDATE() - interval'4 year'

This query will produce four different time stamps:

  1. TotalElapsedSeconds - the time difference between a terminal state (QUERY_STATE_SUCCESS , QUERY_STATE_FAILED or QUERY_STATE_CANCELED ), and QUERY_STATE_READY .

  2. StreamingSeconds - the time difference between QUERY_STATE_SUCCESS and QUERY_STATE_STREAMING_RESULTS

  3. ExecutionSeconds - the time difference between QUERY_STATE_STREAMING_RESULTS and QUERY_STATE_RUNNING

  4. QueuedSeconds - the time difference between QUERY_STATE_READY and QUERY_STATE_RUNNING

You are only debited/billed for ExecutionSeconds (#3) for a successfully run query. If your query fails or was canceled you are not billed for the ExecutionSeconds.

Let's assume this Query has never been executed, meaning no results exist, and as a result, a billable QueryRun is created.

This QueryRun executes successfully for a total of 18 seconds, here is the breakdown:








Since you are only billed for ExecutionSeconds you would be debited for 12 seconds. At a rate of $0.02 per query second, you would be billed $0.24 (12 Execution Query Seconds * $0.02/query second).

In the next section will discuss controlling query execution (and costs) by using the parameter maxAgeMinutes.

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