Caching (maxAgeMinutes)

Often times we'll write a large query where the underlying results don't change much minute-to-minute or hour-to-hour. In these cases, we don't need to waste unnecessary computational resources (Query Seconds) to re-execute a query that might incur a cost. This is where maxAgeMinutes comes in handy.

Let's use the following query as an example. In this example, we're asking for the address of an ENS domain. The results of this query are unlikely to change hour-to-hour.

FROM ethereum.core.fact_event_logs
  contract_address = lower('0x283af0b28c62c092c9727f1ee09c02ca627eb7f5')
  AND event_inputs:name = lower('{ens_domain}')
  AND event_name = 'NameRegistered'
  AND block_timestamp >= GETDATE() - interval'4 year'

The first time this query is executed it will trigger a QueryRun. That initial QueryRun saves the results along with the timestamp of when those results were recorded.

Now let's attempt to re-run the query, with a maxAgeMinutes of 12 hours.

Since the first query successfully executed and stored a result set within the last 12 hours a new QueryRun will not be triggered.

The ceiling for maxAgeMinutes is 24 hours or 1440 minutes

Under the hood, the API will return the queryRunId of the most recent successful execution. With this queryRunID in hand, the SDKs will call getQueryRunResults to retrieve the results for that QueryRun.

Let's take a look at a demo with our SDKs:

from flipside import Flipside

# Initialize `Flipside` with your API Key and API Url
flipside = Flipside("<YOUR_API_KEY>", "")

sql = """
  date_trunc('hour', block_timestamp) as hour,
  count(distinct tx_hash) as tx_count
FROM ethereum.core.fact_transactions 
WHERE block_timestamp >= GETDATE() - interval'7 days'

# We set `maxAgeMinutes` to 0 to ensure the query re-executes
query_result_set = flipside.query(sql, max_age_minutes=0)

# Now attempt to run the query again with a max age of 5 minutes
# You will notice the first query took a little time to execute
# while this query will return instantly!
query_result_set_cached = flipside.query(sql, max_age_minutes=5)

In the next section we'll talk about the billable metric, QuerySeconds.

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