Community Showcase

Examples of projects people have built with the Flipside SDK!

Apps, data science, advanced analytics β€” the crypto space wants to see what you're creating.

Add your work by submitting a pull request for this page, share in our Discord SDK channels, and tag @flipsidecrypto so we can πŸ“£!



NFT statistics by Flowverse on Flow.

Open source investment research terminal.

Python (source)

Visualize your Ethereum on chain activity.

R (source)

Aggregated Snapshot voting dashboard.

AAVE stats and

transaction explorer.

React (source)

Explore top liquidity providers and LP holdings.

Python (source)

Track your ThorChain LP positions performance.

C# & Angular (source)

Compare trading metrics for NFTs.

In-depth CyberKongz NFT and ecosystem analytics.


Data Science & Analytics


Trends on NFL All Day.

Python (source)

A deep dive on Optimism with network analysis plots.

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