API/SDK (Developers)

Your API key to the most comprehensive blockchain data in crypto for analysts, developers, and data scientists.

Flipside's flexible API allows users to execute complex SQL queries on Flipside's Blockchain Data Sets, enabling them to retrieve, filter, sort, and manipulate massive result sets in various formats.

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Key Features

Key features of the API include:

  • Ease of use: The JSON-RPC based API makes it straightforward to interact with the service. Users can easily execute queries and retrieve results in a structured format, allowing for seamless integration with their existing data processing pipelines.

  • Pagination: To ensure efficient data retrieval (especially on massive results sets), the service supports pagination, allowing users to fetch data in chunks, reducing the load on both the server and client.

  • Sorting and filtering: Compass Query RPC Service provides built-in support for sorting and filtering query results. Users can easily sort data by columns and apply various filters to narrow down their search.

  • Multiple data formats: The service supports returning query results in multiple formats, such as CSV and JSON, providing flexibility in how users consume and process the data.

  • Query result caching and redirection: The service intelligently caches query results and supports query redirection. This feature allows users to retrieve results from recent, identical queries without incurring additional processing costs, improving query performance and reducing query response times.

  • Detailed query metadata: Compass Query RPC Service provides rich metadata for each query run, including execution timestamps, row counts, and error information, enabling users to monitor and analyze query performance.

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