Query external APIs, combine with Flipside data, directly in SQL

LiveQuery enables you to query any API directly within a Flipside SQL Query, from nodes to your favorite crypto data providers.

This gives you the power to remix data and generate unique insights beyond Flipside's curated data sets as well as leverage real-time updates directly from blockchain nodes.

SELECT * FROM table(ethereum_mainnet.tf_latest_contract_events_decoded(<address>))

If you're already writing SQL at Flipside you already have access to the power of LiveQuery.


Check out more examples here:


Add-On Setup Guides

Add-Ons provide a secure means of incorporating your API keys for third-party data sources like blockchain nodes or cryptocurrency data APIs. This functionality enables you to run and share your queries while ensuring your API secrets remain undisclosed to other users.

⛓️pageQuickNode Setup Guide

We're excited to announce that additional third-party cryptocurrency data add-ons are on the horizon! Until then, explore our detailed, step-by-step examples or link your QuickNode account to use LiveQuery for querying blockchain nodes.

Note if you publish a dashboard that contains LiveQuery-powered queries users that refresh your dashboard will trigger queries against the Add-ons you have integrated.

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